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Health alert on fish taken from Lake Nagambie - 12.11.04 Saturday, 13 November 2004

Friday, 12 November 2004


Victorians have been advised not to eat fish caught in the Goulburn Weir Pool including Lake Nagambie in Central Victoria, acting Chief Health Officer, Dr John Carnie said today.

“This precautionary health advice follows six recent cases of gastrointestinal illness in people who all ate redfin caught in these areas,” Dr Carnie said.

“All six have since fully recovered but reported symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, disorientation, and numbness in the fingers and feet.

“The people who fell ill included an 11-year-old boy and five people aged from 66 to 85. All except one are residents of Nagambie,” Dr Carnie said.

“The Department is investigating the cause of the illness and is testing fish from the area.

“Until a possible cause is found we would recommend that people not eat fish caught in the Goulburn Weir Pool including Lake Nagambie.

“Anyone who has eaten redfin fish from the Goulburn Weir Pool including Lake Nagambie recently and has been ill should contact the Department on 1300 651 160,” he said.

Dr Carnie said there is no evidence to suggest that there is a problem with the drinking water supply for the area.

“Goulburn Valley Water says there are no blue/green algal blooms in the lake or river and have not received any calls from consumers in Nagambie or Murchison to report water quality issues,” he said.

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