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Tuesday, 5 August 2003


The redevelopment of Kew Residential Services will provide a better life for residents with disabilities in the community, Acting Community Services Minister, Gavin Jennings, said today.

Mr Jennings said the Kew redevelopment was announced in May 2001 and would relocate 380 residents into local community housing with intensive, 24-hour support over the next four to eight years. In addition, 100 residents will remain on-site in new, purpose-built housing.

Mr Jennings said proceeds from the sale of the 27-hectare site would pay for the redevelopment.

“Every cent from the sale of the land will go into providing new housing for residents with disabilities in the community and at the Kew site,” he said.

“Any extra proceeds will be directed back into services for people with disabilities across Victoria.”

Mr Jennings said the Kew Residential Services was an outdated and substandard institution that must be closed.

“This institution belongs to a bygone era and cannot meet the basic care needs of residents,” Mr Jennings said.

“Residents are forced to share bedrooms with up to four other adults and live in cramped quarters with no privacy.

“Community housing provides residents with individual bedrooms and 24-hour, intensive support from qualified carers.

“Already, 50 residents have moved into new community housing closer to family and friends and are making great progress in their new neighbourhoods.”

Mr Jennings said successive Governments had recognised the rights of people with disabilities to live in the community and had closed many institutions over the past 20 years.

“People with a disability have a right to live has part of the community and have the same opportunities many Victorians take for granted,” Mr Jennings said.

“The Bracks Government will not segregate people with a disability from society. We are building an inclusive and caring community where people with a disability are valued and involved.”

The Urban Design Framework for the Kew redevelopment was passed by Booroondara Council last night with significant changes. …../2

The framework was developed by a working group, which included members of Booroondara Council, the Department of Human Services, Kew Parents and the local community.

“The State Government is very disappointed that the council has not accepted the recommendations of the working party,” Mr Jennings said.

“We will consider the impact of the council’s decision.”

The framework was developed over the past fifteen months by the working group, with extensive community consultation.

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